If you’ve ever wondered how award-winning adult film actor and director Shaundam came up with his stage name, it’s because every time he whipped out his huge manhood, the ladies would be so impressed that they would exclaim, "Shaun! Damn!" Spurred on by his sexual acquaintances, who encouraged him to get into porn, the muscular hunk first began shooting his own videos in 2007, and since then he has risen high amongst the rankings, including being twice honored in the AVN Hall of Fame. Despite his success in the industry, Shaundam doesn’t consider himself to be a pornstar, preferring the title "porn artist," and he loves thinking up new and innovative ways to showcase his raw, unassuming sex appeal to fans all across the world. When the tattooed stud isn’t busy banging beautiful babes, he works on editing porn vids and promoting his website, as well as spending time with his family. Check out hot and bearded Shaundam in his incredible scenes down below!

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